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PokerStars stopped but it was just a scare

PokerStars crashes in the middle of the night!

During the World Championship of Online Poker at night on September 6, 2011 PokerStars system crashed, while some players were offline and could not even re-connect to the room, others were in the game and "stealing" the blinds of who had been sitting out!

The problem lasted for 40 minutes and according to PokerStars the incident occurred due to problems of routing, in response to a complaint made by the players PokerStars responded with a form to be sent by players who feel aggrieved with a view to repayment.

DOJ releases funds of PokerStars


We also take this news to communicate other status on PokerStars, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York agreed to release an unspecified amount PokerStars money.

The agreement does not say how much money was Liberato, instead, he says only that the DOJ has agreed to release all the funds into a special account in Luxembourg with the exception of $ 5.5 million. The agreement explains that the $ 5.5 million was derived from the game with real money U.S. players. Presumably, the remaining funds in the account were released because they were not demonstrably derived from U.S. players.

The bill, one of many listed as subject to freezing, as part of a civil complaint on April 15 (Black Friday) was installed in the Bank Hapoalim Luxembourg, on behalf of sphene International, a company with many accounts seized after April 15. Before April 15, sphene received deposits and withdrawals processed for PokerStars players both inside and outside the United States.

It is unclear at this point that if something has caused special attention to the SDNY and PokerStars this particular account in Luxembourg. Perhaps this account has some unique characteristic that allowed the PokerStars secure the release of some of its funds, or maybe this agreement will be the first of many.

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